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Precision in Labeling

Gernep has been manufacturing rotary labelers for over 30 years in Bavaria, in the South of Germany. A dedicated, highly skilled team of over 100 employees proudly work everyday to make exceptional labelers customized to your needs. Focusing exclusively on designing, manufacturing and servicing labeling systems has helped Gernep stay ahead of competition with it comes to technology, innovation and reliability.  The rotary labeler gets all our attention; it is not only one piece of equipment on a bottling line.  The results:  User-friendly operation, quick changeovers, versatility, easy maintenance and production uptime.

Labeling system services

The Gernep portfolio includes rotary labelers for cold glue cut & stack labels, hot glue cut & stack labels, pressure-sensitive labels and rollfed hot melt labels.  Any of those labeling technologies can be combined on the same machine for ultimate versatility.  Tamper evident labels, tax strip labels and foil labels (under or over cap) can also be applied to various bottle sizes and shapes.

automatic label applicators - automatic labelers

Project drafting
Our practical development team members find an ideal solution for every planning requirement. We provide quick and uncomplicated advice on site, and work out your individual system on state-of-the-art CAD systems. In that respect you receive ongoing creative and professional support from the management in all critical planning phases. Thanks to our 30 years’ experience in planning labeling systems, we offer project drafting skills for maximum investment security.

labeling machines manufacturer - automatic label applicators

Our consulting and performance range is not limited to new systems, but also includes system expansion, modernization or economic and energy updates in respect of existing systems. In that respect our skills consist of individual, tailor-made, solutions for customers that ideally combine investments, efficiency and the energy-efficiency of the system.

labelers manufacturer - labeling machines supplier

The typical features at GERNEP such as rational modular construction, variability in the structure of the labeling units and the option of flexible extensions in respect of subsequent labeling requirements are incorporated in every construction. In doing so we develop customer-related labeling machines that allow for maximum performance and precision with the option of rational upgrading in line with new requirements.  By way of ongoing new developments, our machines always reflect the latest technological innovations.

System integration
As a competent service partner, we are not satisfied with merely setting up and assembling on site. If necessary or requested, we also deal with the integration of our machines in existing systems, whether it be controlling or the shipping agents’ activities in relation to our labeling machines. We therefore include in the planning necessary leads and processes of the shipping agents, and ensure that the automatic control is perfect in all performance areas.


Gernep Automatic Label Applicators