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  • Patented overlay gearbox for optimum adjustment of the label position during the machine run


  • Oil-bath-lubricated wet glue aggregate for maximum labeling accuracy and a long service life


  • Clip-lock orientation (optional)


  • Aggregates with height adjusting facility (optional)


  • Stainless steel glue roller for optimised glue application
  • 3-dimensionally adjustable glue segments for homogeneous glue pattern


  • Divided and precisely adjustable glue knife with over-gluing function


  • CIP cleaning for gripper finger for perfect label transfer


  • Blowing of long labels onto the sponge of the gripper cylinder prevents spiral offset
  • Setting to different container diameters by swivelling the aggregate


  • Aggregates that can be mechanically or electro-pneumatically uncoupled


  • Heated glue pump for optimum glue ­temperature


  • No bottle – no label – no glue – automatic


Cut & stack labels applied with cold glue

Universal cold glue labeling machine with high-end technology.
Cold Glue Labeling Machines - cold glue labelers

The GERNEP cold glue labeling system

Even tried and tested methods can be improved. Gernep has set new standards in compactness, ease of maintenance and ease of use with their newly designed cold glue labeler. In addition to proven parts such as removable and adjustable rubber glue palettes, stainless steel glue roller, split glue scraper blade for glue-saving application and oil lubricated gears, the new cold glue labeling station was designed to be more attractive appearance, compact, hermetically sealed against condensate penetration and easier to operate and maintain.

Additional equipment

Because of our flexible machine system, additional equipment for special container orientation, additional labeling and label control can already be taken into consideration at the planning stage or retrofitted.

Equipment options

Universal wet glue labelling with high-end technology
For traditional cold glue labeling of pre-cut paper and aluminium labels from the magazine, we use our proven oil-bath-lubricated labeling aggregate with a stainless steel glue roller and rubberised glue pallets. These are equipped with an intelligent adjusting system for an optimum gluing pattern.

Performance range

Our labeling machines are standard machines and customised individual solutions whose performance and configuration are adapted to the respective requirements.