Pressure Sensitive Labels | Self-Adhesive Labels
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Rotary Labelers for pressure-sensitive labels



pressure sensitive labels - pressure sensitive labeling machines
Performance and versatility are equally important factors when it comes to rotary labeling systems.  With that mind, Gernep has developped the Soluta Rotary Labeler Series to apply pressure-sensitive labels to almost any shape or size of bottles reliably.


In many cases, the slightly higher cost of Pressure Sensitive Labels (compared to cut & stack labels) is offset by the low price of label size parts, quick changeovers, and because no cleaning is required. Rotary PS labelers also work with different materials (paper and clear plastic) and unlimited graphic options such as shape, size, and finish.


Gernep uses servo-driven label applicators and perfectly integrates them to the main control of the Soluta Rotary Labeler. The PLC memorizes all parameters for quick format changeovers.


  • Universal label sensor (clear or opaque labels)
  • Independent label applicators
  • Up to 8 label applicators on 1 frame
  • Modular system depending of needs
  • Programmable servo motors
  • Easy positioning of the labels by 4/5-way setting
  • Label positions can be saved
  • Intelligent label management
  • One-to-one label rolls vs waste paper
  • Redundant / Zero downtime mode


  • Low cost of label format parts
  • Shorter changeover times
  • Very short cleaning time
  • Shorter cleaning and servicing times
  • Innovative, exclusive, label designs feasible
  • Processing of No-Label-Look labels
  • Allow water-resistant plastic labels
  • Possibility of combining with other modules
  • Customized infeed and outfeed conveyors

For pressure-sensitive labels

Rotary Labeler for PS Labels

Gernep has developed the Soluta Rotary Labeler Series to apply pressure-sensitive labels to almost any shape of bottles or products. The latest design features a round frame, allowing better access to the label applicators and enhanced safety for the operators.


The Gernep Soluta Rotary Labeler comes in different configurations to apply PS labels to various glass, PET, plastic, and metal containers with up to 8 label applicators. It offers maximum versatility for manufacturers of beverages, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


The Soluta Rotary Labeler is available with:

  • Herma Label Applicators
  • Servo-driven bottle plates
  • Bottle Orientation (with cameras, sensors, or mechanical)
  • Multiple Label Application and Non-Stop Operation
  • Label inspection and rejection of faulty bottles
  • Serialization & Traceability
Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) - Self-adhesive labels,


  • Rounded frame design with improved access & optimized operator protection


  • Servo motor fed labels for maximum labeling accuracy


  • Applicator parameter adjustments from the machine touch panel


  • Large diameter roll supports for longer runs without changeovers (optional)
  • Reliable detection of transparent and shiny label material


  • Label applicator configuration for tall labels up to 12” (optional)


  • Compact label applicator design for easier set-up, roll changeovers, and maintenance


  • Redundant function with two label applicators per label or automatic splicer for non-stop operation (optional)
  • Label applicators on sliding track for easy roll changeovers (optional)


  •  Motorized unwinder and rewinder for the label applicator for high-speed and long labels (optional)


  •  Heavy-duty supports with dial indicators for quick label applicator adjustments


  • Automatic detection of low or end-of-web on label rolls

Range of machines

Our portfolio of rotary labeling machines includes standard designs as well as highly customized systems. When others say it’s impossible, Gernep steps in to listen and make it happen.

Optional equipment

Our rotary labelers offer a vast array of configurations and options depending on your application. Whether you need bottle or container orientation, multiple label applications, printing, coding, or inspection, we’ve got you covered!

Turn-key labeling system
for empty plastic containers

Fully automatic plastic cup labeling

 The technology of this innovative cup labeling system has evolved from practice. This system’s heart is the self-adhesive labeling (from the roll) station, functionally supplemented by an automatic destacking and stacking station. 




Continuous labeling of single to multi-piece contoured is finally possible. The money and effort saved by minimizing stock keeping are eminent since production can also occur “just in time” if required.
rotary labeler - rotary labeling machines - multi panel labeling


  • Fully automatic cup supply, destacking, labeling, stacking, and discharge combined into one compact and powerful unit


  •  Non-stop function with two dispensers per label, free-standing loop pre-roller, or free-standing automatic splicer for uninterrupted continuous operation (optional)


  • Label material fed by the PLC-controlled servo drive for maximum labeling accuracy


  •  Dispenser parameter adjustments directly on the device or via the machine touch panel
  • Robust, torsion-resistant tripod for label dispenser with adjusting scales for precise and repeatable dispenser/label positioning


  •  Reliable detection, even of transparent and shiny label material


  •  Different clearance heights for the label and carrier material is possible (optional)


  •  Compact dispenser design for improved access during equipping and loading


  •  Automatic detection of label tape pre-end and label tape end
  • Label dispenser pull-out carriages for easy label material replacement or addition (optional)


  • Motorized winding and unwinding for increased machine throughput and long label formats (optional)


  • Round design for improved access and optimized operator protection


  • Different roll plate diameters are available for longer operating times without label material changes (optional)
cup stacking magazine - PLS labeling machine - self adhesive labels

Cup stacking magazine

Cups stacks are manually placed into stack guides and led to the cup destacking station (clocked).

cup stacking magazine - PLS labeling machine - self adhesive labels

Cup destacking station

Automatic cup stack feeding station with cup singling and belt transfer with modular, servo-driven singling spindles can process almost any cup shape.

Bottom labelling

Bottom labels are affixed using a self-adhesive label dispenser above the conveyor belt. The station is autonomous and can be flexibly integrated into the production flow.

Side labelling

Founded on tried and tested GERNEP self-adhesive technology, the side labeling station supports up to 8 label dispensers.

Cup destacking station

The cups are stacked using an adapted stack edge.

Discharge station

Devised as a buffer, this station takes the strain off laborers by automatically counting cup quantities before discharge.


Self-adhesive labeling from the roll

For paper and foil labels, also as transparent or metallised materials. The labels are released and transferred under servo control with extremely high precision. Various systems can be optionally supplied for non-stop operation.


The wide variety of labeling options allow you to react quickly to market trends, label cups for promotions, push win codes and competitions, vary barcodes and even affix special leporellos without high energy costs or constraints for technical reasons.


As well as visual enhancement utilizing high-quality labeling – with matt or gloss printing, surfaces with gold or silver embossing or labels with “no label look,” everything to do with label design is quickly and rationally possible.

Performance range

Our GERNEP CUPBLOCK system with modular construction kit is a customized solution whose performance and configuration is adapted to individual requirements.

Additional equipment

Because of our flexible machine system, additional equipment for particular container orientation, supplemental labeling, and label control can already be considered at the planning stage or retrofitted.


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