Pressure-Sensitive vs Hot Melt Labeling | Gernep Labeling
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Pressure-Sensitive vs Hot Melt Labeling

Pressure Sensitive vs Hot Melt Labeling

Pressure-Sensitive vs Hot Melt Labeling


Pressure-Sensitive Labeling are self-adhesive labels which adhere through a bond between the label and the product using pressure. It is an economical choice offering maximum versatility for manufacturers in the beverage, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

Low-cost format parts

Wide array of label materials & shapes

Fast changeovers & servicing


Hot Melt Labeling applies the holt melt adhesive only to the trailing edge of the paper label (glueless lead edge) before wrapping around and overlapping with the leading edge. It is a precise and economical option from the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Low Label Cost

Paper & foil processing capability

Minimized cleaning / contact free gluing

The Pros & Cons

Both labeling technologies are excellent choices for accurate product labeling, each has characteristics which will best meet your unique industry needs.

Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machines provide an instantaneous printing capacity as it does not require any heat-up or cleanup time. It is possible to add additional dating/coding to Pressure Sensitive Machinery. Label rolls are slightly more expensive but trades-off against low-cost parts.

Hot Melt Labeling Machines are an inexpensive alternative to PS labeling because of the low cost of cut & stack paper labels – especially when running large volumes. These systems offer low glue consumption and low-level soiling however they do still require time to heat up and regular cleaning.