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Wrap Around Labeling

Gernep is manufacturing wrap around labeling machines with different labeling technologies depending on the application. We focus exclusively on rotary labelers, which means the bottles or containers are transferred to a rotary turret and positively handled during label application.
Rotary labeling machines can be used to apply a single wrap label or multiple labels on the same bottle. A good example would be a glass beer bottle with a body wrap label and neck label. With proper configuration, our rotary labelers can orient the bottles to apply the label in a specific position on the bottle. A good example would be a wine bottle with a logo embossed in the glass.
Applying wrap around labels to cylindrical containers is probably the most common application for labeling machinery around the world. Spring water, wine, beer and juice are good examples of wrap around labeling application, but when you look closer, those applications are quite different.

Pressure-sensitive labels on round bottles

Over the past 20 years, the PS labels have become very popular across many categories.  Versatility, no machine cleaning, easy adjustment and low cost of change parts are some of the reason why the pressure-sensitive labels are widely adopted.  Offered in different material like paper or clear plastic, they let the consumers see your products and offers unlimited graphical possibilities.  Pressure-sensitive labels are supplied in rolls and Gernep can install up to 8 pressure-sensitive label applicators on the same rotary labeler.

Hot melt applied labels on round bottles

Most round plastic bottles of spring water and soft drink are decorated with paper or film labels applied to the bottles with hot melt. It is easy to recognize hot melt applied labels, when you peel-off the label at the seam, the leading and trailing edge of the label will have glue on it, but not on the rest of the label. The labels applied with hot melt can be supplied on rolls (hot melt rollfed labeler) or in stacks (hot melt cut & stack labeler). The main advantage of this labeling technology is the low cost of labels.

Cold glue applied labels on round bottles

Cold glue (wet glue) labelers have been around for many years and they still have their place today in many industries such as beer, wine and mineral water in glass bottles.  The cold glue applied labels are supplied in stacks (cold glue cut & stack labelers) and are very economical and allow non-stop, high speed production.
Because of the way the glue is applied to the labels, the length is limited and those labels typically cover only a portion of the radius of round bottles.  You will notice that most beer bottles decorated with cold glue labels have a front and a back label to provide more space to give information to consumers.


Gernep Wrap Around Labeling Machines